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Getting-To-Know-You Survey

1. When is your birthday and how old are you?
Feb. 8th … and I’m mentally 8 years old :D

2. How did you get your name?
A time lord came from the future and told my mom to name me

3. What was your first word?
Motherfu … damn I don’t remember! :D – no seriously, I don’t know what my first word was, I can hope it was something as cool as “Spock”, but it was probably something as boring as “googoo-dada”
4. What was the weirdest thing you did as a kid?
Skin freshly planted trees with a hunting knife after I saw “Predator” :D

5. Do you sleep naked?
Hate being naked, so no.

6. Orange juice or apple juice?
Apple, orange juice gives me heart burn.

7. Would you dress as the opposite sex?
Depends on what it is, but I’m not against it.

8. Soup or Salad?
Soup, salad is for horses.

9. Have you ever bought a car?
Not yet.

10. Have you ever been expelled from school?
Heck no.

11. Favorite age you have been so far?
I’m still a child – my least favorite age was 16 and 18, but that was because of the crap that was going on at the time.

12. Have you ever been surfing?
I hate the ocean, it’s salty, gross, and sandy … not big on the idea of surfing anyway.

13. Have you ever gone skiing?
Oh god, once, hate snow too – never again!

14. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Thankfully, no – hop to keep it that way

15. Ok! Fess up who was your first kiss?
My wife.

16. Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?
My best friends have always been guys until my wife, but I do love all my friends.

17. What's the best concert you've seen?
Nightwish, Atalanta 2008. Thanks Eric!

18. Do you like dancing?
Heck no, in a normal day I make enough of an ass of myself, that’s one more thing to look dumb at.

19. Have you ever written a song?
Suck at writing songs, but I’ve written screenplays.

20. What's your favorite book?
Comic books :D

21. Have you ever prank-called someone?
In Germany we didn’t have caller ID’s so we used to do it all the time, here it sucks cause you get caught easily but I love doing it :D

22. Do you believe in soul mates?
Yes, all my friends are my soul mates – you don’t have a strong connection with people just out of sheer luck or coincidence.

23. Do you like your name?
Bleh, could be better, could be hell of a lot worse.

24. How much cash is in your wallet right now?
$482 – why are you asking? *hides the cash inside of a action figure/cookie jar*

25. Have you ever failed a grade?
I failed one class and never forgave myself for it even though my teacher was a bitch and failed me cause she wouldn’t let me pass no matter what.

26. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
… well, that would explain my fascination with them and X-Files.

27. Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?
Not yet ;)

28. Name 4 things you always have with you
Greencard, Pants, shirt, glasses.

29. What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Check the time, depending on the day, panic.

30. What's your guiltiest pleasure?
Geez … do I have to pick? … film, women, action figures, action figure women.

31. Do you like yourself?
I do, just need to get financially stable and physically in shape and I won’t bitch even about my skin color and the shape of my nose.

32. What is your favorite girl's name?
Western: Bethany
Eastern: Aayla

33. What is your favorite boy's name?

34. What is your dream job?
Filmmaker, but I’ll settle for computer tech or masseuse as long as I can make SOME sort of a goofball film on the side.

35. Superman or Spiderman?
Em … Batman!?

36. Chocolate or Vanilla?

37. If your life were a movie what would it be called?
Plan Zee From Outer Space

38. Are you a morning person?
Fuck no! … unless we’re on DragonCon time, there, time is irrelevant.

39. Right handed or left handed?
Right, but can write decent enough with left.

40. Innie or Outtie?

41. Have you ever thrown up on anyone?
Nope, I’ve always thrown up in seclusion, so far I’ve always had a heads up.

42. Have you ever seen a dead body?
Two too many on the side of the road during an accident, some freaky ass shit!

43. Have you ever cheated on someone?

44. Have you ever done something really stupid that you are still laughing about today?
Every day, hehe.

45. Have you ever wanted to be a model?
Heck no, rather get shot in the leg.

46. Have you ever cried in school?
Just once.

47. Thing you say too often?
Fuck – I don’t even mind it.

48. Do you like thunderstorms?
Yes, just don’t like the idea of my electronics getting fried.

49. What's the last thing you watched on tv?
Big Bang Theory.

50. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Finish the following ...

I believe: that 98% of the people in this world are stupid.

I am: tired, but not sleepy.

I feel: claustrophobic when our house is messy.

I know: that my chosen family is greater than my blood relatives.

Sometimes I: wonder why we waste time we’re short on already, with these damn memes.

It's not commonly known: mindmelding is a good brain activity.

Never under any circumstances: trust Romulans

Isn't it weird that: German and Klingon sound so similar?

Right now: I wish I was rich so I could buy a castle and live in there with my friends and never worry about money again!
16 December 2008 @ 02:22 am
looks like there's a bollywood film you will get me to watch in theaters after all .... but then again this is totally goofy ... one could call it "hong kong curry fui"

enough said, check out the trailer and tell me it's not funny!
toastr .. you'll probably love this one too!

15 December 2008 @ 11:01 am
i've always loved this season ..... in germany christmas was always a big deal and as a child i always enjoyed the season in school and especially the last few remaining weeks the lead up to it ... everyone was always in a good mood and the festive decorations were up ... it was just very freaking cool

my first christmas in germany was a little depressing cause everyone bragged about what they got from "santa", of course when you're 6 years old you wonder what's wrong with you and why santa never came to your house .... so i investigated that little more and found it there no such thing it's your parents that leave the presents for you .... which made total sense to me even then since the muslim holidays are boring as all hell!

then once i moved to canada christmas was a little ... "bare"
i mean the decorations were up and the "shopping frenzy sales craze" was there ... but the spirit was really missing

it could be because of the amount of multicultural people who just REFUSE to take part in this festive holiday because they've got a dead beaver up their ass from when they first landed in canada! (that was sarcasm, but if you ever see these people you'll agree with me!)

so christmas really became rather depressing cause not only did i have to hear from MORE family about "how inaccurate and shitty" this holiday is ..... but i didn't have too many people i can celebrate with

since i was in high-school, no one really bothered much with christmas ... basically the spirt was more or less non existent

in 2001 i celebrated my first christmas the way you're suppose to celebrate it, with family, having FUN .... not worrying about how much you spent on presents and who bought the most expensive thing

since 2001 i was always really INTO christmas and this year mainly due to lack of time i haven't been able to fully enjoy the 3-4 weeks leading up to christmas like i usually do so i have been able to notice a lot of the christmas insanity a lot more .... the whole black friday insanity this year depressed me a little that people would go this crazy over 15% off! .... the shoot out at the toys R us, and then the traffic conditions and other insane people coming through my work doing nothing but BITCHING about christmas

was this year just really stressful or have people always been jerks like this?
is it the economy? ..... i mean gas prices went down! .... shouldn't we have a BETTER christmas this year? ... by better i don't mean spend a shit load of money ... but at least be in a good mood or cheer up and be glad we're not paying 4$/gallon

the presidential election went really well so what's the fuss? (unless you're a rightwing asshole, then of course you have the right to be a grumpy bastard for the next 4 years :D)

anyone else feeling the lack of real christmas spirt this year from others was i the only one who had the rotten luck of running into these douche nozzles who bitch about christmas?

since the weekend after thanksgiving i've been watching watching "a christmas story" at least once a day

1. it cheers me up no matter how bad of a mood i'm in
2. it sets my mood for christmas

speaking of christmas story, i made some icons .... well LOTS of icons of that awesome film :D (feel free to steal em!)

title.jpg tick.jpg soappoisoning.jpg randy.jpg randyrunning.jpg

randyslug.jpg randywindow.jpg rarara.jpg shootyoureye.jpg slide1.jpg

soap poisoning1.jpg ralphierifle.jpg ralphie2.jpg ralphie1.jpg ovaltine.jpg

oinkoink.jpg niddafinga.jpg lobsters.jpg itsaleg.jpg hohoho.jpg

flickwho.jpg frageelay.jpg deranged Easter Bunny.jpg farcus.jpg arms.jpg

Oooh fuuudge.jpg itworked.jpg jealous.jpg flick.jpg

01 December 2008 @ 07:08 pm
... i'm home on a monday night to watch big bang theory they freakin do a re-run!
most pathetic i don't even know what channels are what, so i sat there for 30 minutes trying to figure out which channel to turn to, just to find out it was a re-run tonight

can't wait to get dvr/tivo or whatever else records stuff for you when i have a real job
that way i can just program whatever and watch it whenever

i just thought i'd post my first failed attempt at basic cable television in america experience, hehe
25 November 2008 @ 04:56 am

last saturday we had a discussion about shitty films coming out in the near future

i was pretty tired and couldn't think of some of the crap that was coming out between now and 2011

so here's a list and my little comments under some of the really ridiculous ones

there are VERY few i'm actually looking forward to, but most of the list is pure manure!

(i've added IMDB links for those who may be in too much shock to believe it!)

religious films!

like passion of christ wasn't enough for the world to sit through

now we've got noah's ark coming up


followed by another version of:

david and goliath


when is hollywood going to learn that video games make neither money nor makes the fans happy

well instead of putting money into something more substancial we've got blood ryne 3 coming up!


really not looking forward to the halo movie


at the moment halo is going stupid crazy with their action figures (which is driving me insane cause you can't turn a corner without seeing "NEW HALO FIGURESSSS!"

getting sick of it like i'm sick every time a new Harry Potter or Twilight book comes out!

gears of war


another video game film .... hope it's at least decent cause the video game story line is pretty damn good

however based on previous vid. game films, this one may suck harder than Doom


just rumours at this point, i really hope to do god they don't film it

there's no way of filming this without making it look HORRIBLE!


prince of persia


maybe they can cast fagmeister "joshua" from dragon con (you know the guy who ALWAYS does the same routine at the con)

metal gear solid


great game premiss, not so sure if the director (who ever that may be) is going to even understand that, hence my complete lack of confidence in this title being successful



if it's filmed in a serious manner, it's going to fail

if it's filmed like dead or alive, it may make it!

dance dance FUCKING revolution!


how do you FILM something like that?

is it just me who finds the idea of this frightening!?

devil may cry


really like the characters and game, and i'm afraid of what the film is going to turn out to be

it's going to be riddled with more CGI than dialogue .... and that's probably bad



loved the idea of the film since i was 8 years old

then i read that paul w.s. anderson was attached to the project and i abandoned all hope

sylvain white is directing it ... but he's black! ... he directed "stomp the yard" ..... a hibbitty hoppy flick! .... who thinks it's a good idea to give him a story that takes place in the year 1691, a period film about a vampire hunter  ........ aaaaaaaaaaah

silent hill 2


no director listed yet, and if anyone with brains would let one man direct it .... it should always have been david fucking lynch .... but that's never going to happen .... instead someone like Uwe Boll (director of classics such as cabin fever, in the name of the king, and other trash cinema) will most likely get his hands on it

the legend of spyro (the fucking dragon!)


i'm out of words for this one!

spy hunter


of course! ... say no more.... paul w.s. anderson!!!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li


i guess hollywood didn't learn from the first van-damme version, so here's another one, yay!




could turn out well if someone writes it well, but fantasy films are tricky!

unless you've got peter jackson's crew doing it, i'm doubtful and not hopeful
however, what's most likely going to happen is that the previews are going to sound like this:

<read this with the voice of the guy who does all the previews>
"it was a matter of time ... in a distant world ... another world ... another time ... when man was not the only one to rule blizzard servers ...a level 49 team of american underdogs had to take matters in their own hands ... and ..... LEVEL UP the courage and rise up against the deadliest japanese WoW clan the world has ever known ..... <cue in action music used in ALIENS> ... this summer ..... IT .. IS .... WAAAAR!!!!"

based on the previews i might go see it .. but if it looks like eragon or beowulf (2007) i'll pass

the sims: the movie
is this worse than dance dance revolution the movie? ... i can't predict!

these are half the titles i'm going to post for now cause i'm honestly tired and need to get to be

i also find it sad that there SO many bad films coming out and i'm tired of typing about it!

bad list of films between now and 2011 .... to be continued!

13 November 2008 @ 12:26 am

Michelle's cat Baka, passed away at approximately 19:13 PM today.


About a week ago he started to eat less than he usually would, but he always had this habit of just eating a little at time. So we were monitoring how much he was eating and every day it was less. So we tried to give him his treats and at first he ate those without any problems until last Tuesday night when Michelle tried to give him a few and he just licked them and left them on the floor. Which is when I started to worry.


Last time Baka was sick was November of 2002, where we had to take him to the emergency room cause he was having UTI type issues. After 6 weeks of battle we fixed him up and he had been find since.


With him being only about 9-10 years of age I really didn't think this was a serious enough problem when we took him Wednesday morning, also when the vet looked at him she didn't seem too concerned about him, from what she said it sounded like she'd be able to help him out. The one thing she said after checking him physically, that freaked my shit out was "this is the tip of the iceberg" ... meaning once she does blood work there would be a million things wrong with him.


Unfortunately that ended up being the case, his kidneys either failed because of his constipation problems, or his kidneys were failing causing the constipation problems which lead him to not wanting to eat and further breaking down of his system.


Anyway, I guess when it's time to go, it's time to go and nothing we can say or do to prevent that. My only regret is that I was stuck at my shitty ass job instead of being with my cat, and that I didn't get to say good-bye to him in the hopes that I'd see him again.


Most of you who know Michelle, may know how close she was Baka, however I'm very proud of her for handling it as well as she is.  I think this is hitting me almost harder because I wasn't home all day, and found out at work through text message.  I hate my job so damn much because I couldn't even take time off for something like this or even be on the phone too long without people getting pissy at work!


The other thing, not only is Baka the first cat I've lost myself, but he's one of a few cats all of us have lost this year alone. I'm asking for ONE thing for Christmas this year, no more cat trauma please! Last year, I handled three funerals better than the passing of our cats this year (yea screw people, especially relatives!).


I hope Baka is at peace, and if the whole 9 lives thing is true, I better see him again (even if he comes back as a zombie cat without teeth, that'd be fine with me too).



"Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we've lived ... "

- Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: Generations

Current Mood: sadsad
15 October 2008 @ 11:26 am
this is from the latest BBT episode (thx matt)

the reason i changed him to look like joker is because of what was said in the episode when sheldon made that face!


(MLR ... feel free to steal it ... all yours)

01 October 2008 @ 02:54 am
alright, just in case you were still wondering it's called Knäckebrot in german

pronounced K'nae'ck-e-brot

not that i'd want you to learn any german or anything (wink wink ... say no more) but since you're prononciation is damn good i figured you'd want to know how it's spelled

so by saturday you better have it down
i'm gonna quiz you :D

29 September 2008 @ 05:36 am
i know most of you are wussies when it comes to horror movies but damn it! i won't see these films alone!
so someone make some time and come see this crap with me!


unfortunatelly we'll be out of town for:
oct 17 - shining
oct 18 - carrie

but i def. want to see:
oct 24 - dawn of the dead 1978 (original, not the shitty remake)
oct 25 - plan 9 from outer space
nov 1 - shock treatment

so who's with me?
26 September 2008 @ 02:05 pm
this is for one of my bestest friends madladyred
i didn't make it ..... wish i had come up with it first


hope you're having a "as stress free as possible" time

we love you and miss you lots